About us


About Kooky Kids, Baby Kooky Ltd

Baby Kooky began back in 2007.

To begin with, we were a simple baby goods internet retailer with a small selection of everyday baby essentials, unique items and gifts.  As our own children grew, so did our area of expertise, hence Kooky Kids was born, we now offer great value and a massive choice for your Tots to Teens and the Ones In between!!

We’ve been a Ltd business since 2010, it has been a slow and steady progression because we didn't want to be a heartless business with a sell sell sell attitude, we’re all about family and kindness and looking after our customers and staff.
We get a lot of returning customers because we offer a first class, family friendly and fast service.

Our dedicated customer service team are always happy to help, and being made up mostly of parents, they are able to understand what parents need and why. 

It is the personal touch we bring to this market that sets us apart from other toy retailers.  We visit lots of toy shows, sometimes with our children, this is great way to see what toys the kids like, rather than take a sales persons word for it.

Our children are the most important things in our lives, and we know our customers feel the same way about their children.
At Kooky Kids, it is all about the Kids!!